The effect and impact of the EuroSea activities will rely greatly on effective communication. EuroSea is operating at the interface between scientists and policymakers, public and private stakeholders, national and intergovernmental funders and programmes.

EuroSea has a 55-partner-strong consortium from EU and third countries who will all be communicating about the project and their work in it. The EuroSea Work Package 8 ‘Communication: Engagement, Dissemination, Exploitation, and Legacy’ is leading the project’s communication and impact assessment efforts. Achieving the success of EuroSea will require that the project consortium can rely on clear messaging and communication outputs delivered by Work Package 8, to trigger effective interactions with stakeholders at the many project’s interfaces.

EuroSea big messages, communication tool categories, and key stakeholder groups

The EuroSea communication plan supports the consortium in their project-related communication and outlines the Work Package 8 activities. It is based on the main approaches of the EuroSea communication,namely:

  • Communication is critical both within the consortium and with the project’s stakeholders;
  • Key communication messages should be shared and used by all project partners;
  • Communication targets should be well defined and analysed;
  • Communication tools should be designed for specific needs, accessible and usable by the partners.

Download the EuroSea communication plan here.