Deliverable NumberDeliverable Title
WP numberLead beneficiaryTypeDissemination levelDue Date (project months)Deliverable report
D1.1Report on policies in foresight in OOWP126-EMBReportPublic9

EuroSea_D1.1_Policies_Foresight (1.6 MiB)

D1.2Map of BioEco Observing networks/ capabilityWP13-IOC/UNESCOReportPublic12

EuroSea D1.2 BioEco Observing Networks (1.7 MiB)

EuroSea D1.2 BioEco Observing Networks List (54.0 KiB)

D1.3Report of OBPS Community meetingWP125-IEEEReportPublic20

EuroSea D1.3 Report Of OBPS Community Meeting (4.3 MiB)

D1.4Report on European BioEco networksWP13-IOC/UNESCOReportPublic27
D1.5Marine Plastics EOV and common sampling protocolWP117 – IO PANReportPublic27
D1.6Maps and metrics on observing systems and metadataWP13-IOC/UNESCOReportPublic30
D1.7Report on the use of legal frameworks for OOSSWP11 – GEOMARReportPublic40
D1.8Final Report of EOOS Implementation PlanWP12 – EUROGOOSReportPublic48
D2.1Design of the OSSEs with multi-platform in situ data and impact on fine-scale structuresWP27 – CSICReportPublic12

EuroSea D2.1 Design OSSEs (829.0 KiB)

D2.2Analysis of the physical and BGC design experimentsWP24 – MOIReportPublic24
D2.3Analysis of the OSSEs with multi-platform in situ data and impact on fine-scale structuresWP27 – CSICReportPublic30
D2.4Development of targeted indicators and their uncertainties for demonstrators and ForecastsWP28 – ENSReportPublic36
D3.1Data Management planWP321 – IFREMERORDP: Open Research Data PilotPublic6

EuroSea_D3.1_Data_Management_Plan (603.1 KiB)

D3.2Observing Networks initial AssessmentWP31 – GEOMARReportPublic12

EuroSea D3.2 Observing Networks Initial Assessment (1.1 MiB)

D3.3New tide gauge data flow strategyWP330 – Puertos del EstadoReportPublic14

EuroSea D3.3 New Tide Gauge Data Flow Strategy (2.0 MiB)

D3.4HF-Radar GovernanceWP329 – AZTIReportPublic18

EuroSea D3.4 HFR Governance (2.4 MiB)

D3.5ASV-Network structure and roadmapWP337 – PLOCANReportPublic18
D3.6Sensor implementation on Eulerian Obs.WP314 – SUReportPublic24
D3.7WP3 network harmonization recommendations WP321 – IFREMERReportPublic30
D3.8EuroSea Strategic visionWP315 – SOCIBReportPublic36
D3.9Glider network, European coordinationWP320 – CNRSReportPublic36
D3.10Gliders metadataWP351 – WMOReportPublic36
D3.11Eulerian Best PracticesWP314 – SUReportPublic36
D3.12Eulerian metadata catalogueWP314 – SUReportPublic36
D3.13EuroSea data handbookWP321 – IFREMERReportPublic36
D3.14HF-Radar ToolsWP329 – AZTIReportPublic38
D3.15Tide gauge metadata catalogueWP36 – MIReportPublic42
D3.16Euro-Argo updated strategyWP319 – EURO-ARGO ERICReportPublic44
D3.17EuroSea data integrationWP321 – IFREMERReportPublic44
D3.18Observing Networks final AssessmentWP333 – HCMRReportPublic44
D4.19Omics community protocolsWP340 – SZNReportPublic46
D4.1Design of experiments (global/IBI)WP44 – MOIReportPublic24
D4.2Design of the glider assimilation experimentsWP411 – CMCCReportPublic24
D4.3Derive observable ocean climate indicators from seasonal forecastWP416 – ECMWFDemonstratorPublic24
D4.4Temperature and Salinity QCWP412 – UiBReportPublic30
D4.5Synthesis of satellite validation results WP49 – CLSReportPublic36
D4.6Skill assessment of ECV/EOV from seasonal forecastWP416 – ECMWFReportPublic36
D4.7SOCAT Quality Control (QC) proceduresWP412 – UiBReportPublic36
D4.8Assess impact of observationsWP430 – Puertos del EstadoReportPublic42
D4.9Intercomparison of glider assimilation in the different analysis and forecasting systemsWP415 – SOCIBReportPublic42
D4.10Results of the BGC data assimilationWP410 – OGSReportPublic42
D4.11Evaluation of Extreme Forecast Indices (WP5+6)WP45 – UNIBOReportPublic42
D4.12GLODAP Quality Control (QC) proceduresWP412 – UiBReportPublic48
D5.1Prototype sea level planning and scenario visualization toolWP532 – ARUPDemonstratorPublic18

EuroSea D5.1 EuroSea Prototype Sea Level Planning And Scenario Visualization Tool V4 (final Issue) (2.2 MiB)

D5.2Mediterranean sea-level reconstruction spanning 1950-2017WP513 – UKRIReportPublic24
D5.3CMEMS downscaled circulation operational forecast systemWP511 – CMCCDemonstratorPublic24
D5.4CMEMS downscaled wave operational forecast systemWP544 – UPCDemonstratorPublic24
D5.5Final version of the software running operationally for the demonstrationWP543 – NologinOtherPublic24
D5.6Documentation associated to the capacity buildingWP513 – UKRIReportPublic24
D5.7Automated tide gauge data quality control software and reportWP513 – UKRIDemonstratorPublic34
D5.8Mediterranean trend and acceleration
sea-level esti-mates (reduced uncertainty,
recalculation toolbox)
WP513 – UKRIReportPublic34
D5.9 Operational monitoring systems available at the three sitesWP513 – UKRIDemonstratorPublic36
D5.10 Final report describing the demonstration and the user feedback at European sitesWP530 – Puertos del EstadoReportPublic45
D5.11Scientific model validation report during the demonstration periodWP530 – Puertos del EstadoReportPublic48
D6.1 Connections between “Extreme Marine Events” and Biological EOVs ReportWP66 – MIReportPublic33
D6.2Demonstration of annual/quarterly assessments and description of the production systemWP646 – TalTechWebsites, patents filling, etc.Public36
D6.3Best Practice on creating “Extreme Marine Events” Hazard maps & forecasts ReportWP66 – MIReportPublic40
D6.4 Linking oceanographic products to fisheries adviceWP67 – CSICReportPublic48
D6.5Sustainability and Business Plan ReportWP66 – MIReportConfidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)48
D6.6Assessment of the benefits of the BOOS-HELCOM
integrated system and recommendations for transfer this to other sea areas
WP646 – TalTechReportPublic48
D6.7Real-time data to central server with display to stakeholdersWP650 – Aanderaa XYLEMWebsites, patents filling, etc.Public48
D7.1Report on demo mission and dissemination pathways
of obtained data
WP71 – GEOMARReportPublic28
D7.2Development of BGC- Argo data quality validation based on
an integrative multi- platform approach
WP71 – GEOMARReportPublic32
D7.3Estimate of magnitude and drivers of regional carbon variability for both regionsWP720 – CNRSReportPublic36
D7.4Skills of the user- relevant ocean indicatorsWP716 – ECMWFReportPublic36
D7.5Economic benefit of regional ocean carbon uptakeWP718 – IFWReportPublic40
D7.6Integration of in situ and satellite multi-platform data
(estimation of carbon flux for trop. Atlantic)
WP714 – SUReportPublic40
D8.1 Communication PlanWP82 – EUROGOOS
22 – RBINS

EuroSea_D8.1_CommunicationPlan (931.4 KiB)

D8.2Updated Dissemination and Exploitation planWP82 – EUROGOOSReportPublic12

EuroSea D8.2 Updated Dissemination Exploitation Plan (587.5 KiB)

D8.3Lessons learnt on science-policy interfaces WP82 – EUROGOOSReportPublic24
D8.4Project exploitation strategyWP86 – MIReportConfidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)24
D8.5Lessons learnt from the EuroSea public engagement activitiesWP815 – SOCIBReportPublic32
D8.6Report on economic value of ocean observationsWP86 – MIReportPublic36
D8.7Lessons learnt on public-private interfacesWP824 – ISPRAReportPublic40
D8.8Business plan for EuroSea demonstratorsWP86 – MIReportPublic40
D8.9EuroSea recommendations on RRI in OOWP823 – SCIENCETHICSReportPublic45
D8.10Best practice in the visualization of the ocean’s societal relevance and economic roleWP815 – SOCIBReportPublic45
D8.11Recommendations on engaging with the next generation of stakeholdersWP822 – RBINSReportPublic49
D8.12EuroSea Legacy ReportWP82 – EUROGOOS ReportPublic49
D9.1 Action Progress Report #1WP91 – GEOMARReportPublic14

EuroSea D9.1 EuroSea Progress Report No1 (3.8 MiB)

D9.2 Action Progress Report #2WP91 – GEOMARReportPublic30
D9.3Ocean Observing NeedsWP91 – GEOMARReportPublic44
D9.4Action Progress Report #3WP91 – GEOMARReportPublic48
D10.1NEC – Requirement No. 2WP101 – GEOMAREtchics
Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)3