Discover how we are planning to underpin our strategic objectives through targeted communication.

EuroSea Exhibition


EuroSea brings together 53 organizations in all European sea basins, to improve and integrate the European ocean observing and forecasting systems. Find out more about our work in our itinerant exhibition or read is as a brochure!

11.16 MB EuroSea Exhibition

EuroSea Job Profiles Brochure 2022


This brochure shows the diversity of work profiles in the fields of marine science, ocean observing, and forecasting. It is targeted at early career scientists or students who want to know more about the types of jobs that exist in the areas of EuroSea.

2.36 MB EuroSea Job Profiles Brochure 2022

Nourishing Blue Economy and Sharing Ocean Knowledge


Recommendations for sustainable ocean observation and management delivered by EuroSea and six other Horizon 2020 projects committed to various aspects of ocean observing, who worked together on joint messaging and communications through the Horizon Results Booster service of the Commission.

5.50 MB Nourishing Blue Economy and Sharing Ocean Knowledge

EuroSea Communication Kit


In this visual kit you will find all our outreach resources in one place, from links to videos, to presentations, poster, or a virtual meeting background. At the start of this document, a short introduction to EuroSea is featured to help you communicate about our project. Contact details for media requests as well as our social media accounts are also included.

6.50 MB EuroSea Communication Kit

EuroSea Virtual Event Background


Our background for your virtual EuroSea calls reflects the mysteries of the ocean and our aim to unveil them in a transparent and inclusive way, serving society and stakeholders.

640.04 KB EuroSea Virtual Event Background

Ocean Knowledge For Blue Economy


This flyer presents EuroSea alongside several related European Union projects - Blue Cloud, Atlas, Eurofleets+, AtlantECO, iAtlantic, Mission Atlantic, Jerico S3, Nautilos, and Odyssea - who joined forces in sharing knowledge and expertise, and looking for knowledge-based solutions for sustainable blue economy.

887.46 KB Ocean Knowledge For Blue Economy

EuroSea Logo


EuroSea logo is available for download in .png format. For other formats please send your request through the contact form on this website.

16.92 KB EuroSea Logo

EuroSea Brandbook


Our brandbook explains how to use EuroSea logo and our brand font and colours.

1.16 MB EuroSea Brandbook

EuroSea in Figures


In EuroSea, over 140 individuals work together across 55 organizations from 16 countries. Discover all key figures from the EuroSea project in this infographic.

220.74 KB EuroSea in Figures

EuroSea Presentation Long Version


In this version of the EuroSea presentation you will find more detail on each work packages, from partners to key objectives. This is an extended version of the EuroSea in 12 slides presentation deck also available on this page.

7.18 MB EuroSea Presentation Long Version

EuroSea Poster


Our poster launched at the kick-off meeting - Improving and integrating the European Ocean Observing and Forecasting System

4.37 MB EuroSea Poster

EuroSea Business Card


EuroSea business card for dissemination during stakeholder networking - Towards a user-focused, interdisciplinary, and responsive European ocean observing and forecasting system

7.83 MB EuroSea Business Card

EuroSea Presentation


Discover EuroSea in 12 visual slides - our mission, objectives, and key responsibilities of the work packages. We are a large-scale pan-European effort to enhance ocean observing and forecasting for durable benefits of all users of the ocean knowledge and information.

2.77 MB EuroSea Presentation

Responsible Research And Innovation In Ocean Observing And Forecasting


EuroSea is a European Union project working to improve coordination in ocean observing and forecasting to answer the evolving demands for ocean knowledge and information, underpinning sustainable blue economy and maritime services.

135.19 KB Responsible Research And Innovation In Ocean Observing And Forecasting