The Innovation Radar is a European Commission initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation. The Innovation Radar website provides a platform to showcase the EuroSea results and enables interested stakeholders to discover and access them.

The list of EuroSea results on the Innovation Radar was prepared with the help of the Commission’s questionnaire and upon a review by an independent innovation expert. The results were assessed in relation to four different maturity levels (exploring, technology readiness, business readiness, and market readiness) as well as their market creation potential.

Four EuroSea results have now been published and are deemed to be at the exploring maturity level as they are actively investigating value creation opportunities. These are:

  • Low maintenance tide gauges (find the KER poster here);
  • Oceanographic Services for Ports and Cities (OSPAC) software on port and city real-time alert to provide forecast of sea conditions (find the KER poster here);
  • Prototype sea level planning and scenario visualisation tool (find the KER poster here);
  • Solution for marine sensors to measure and forecast oxygen, heat, and pH related Extreme Marine Events onsite for aquaculture (find the KER poster here).