EuroSea, together with GROOM-II and the EuroGOOS Gliders Task Team, is co-hosting a European Glider Data Management Workshop. The workshop will run over several sessions between 20 June and 1 July 2022 and will be an online event. It is designed for glider operators and data managers across Europe.

This workshop will be in two parts:

  • 20-24 June: Week 1 will focus on the technical problems of real-time glider data management encountered by the European community. This will include OceanGliders Github repository, metadata management and controlled vocabularies, Real Time data management of Temperature and Salinity, Chlorophyll-a, and Oxygen, and quality control.
  • 4-8 July: Week 2 will focus on the long-term evolution of glider data management.

Find the detailed agenda on the GROOM-II web page of the event.