Development of a strategic European vision for a more integrated approach across the entire ocean observing value chain – from the conception of multi-platform observations to the eventual delivery of relevant products Read more Improve coordination and integration of the various elements of the European ocean observing system Read more Recommendations for European Commission on wider legal frameworks relating to ocean observing Read more Foresight activities for enhancing European (global) observing systems for new technology and sustainability Read more Assessment of the benefits of the BOOS-HELCOM integrated system and recommendations for transferring this to other sea areas (D6.6) Read more Recommendations on observing requirements and gaps for Observing Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs), Determination of indicators & Validation of remote sensing observations and calibration of satellites Read more Prototype for a European OceanOPS service Read more Improved interoperability through the creation and use of best practices Read more Two-way interaction with GOOS (Global Ocean Observing System) National Focal Points (NFP) in Europe through the EOOS (European Ocean Observing System) Operations Committee Read more Setting up of EOOS OC (to ‘activate’ European GOOS NFP and identify OC joint work) Read more