Development of a strategic European vision for a more integrated approach across the entire ocean observing value chain – from the conception of multi-platform observations to the eventual delivery of relevant products


This groundbreaking European vision represents an ambitious overhaul of the ocean observation sector. It’s not just about gathering more data, but about ensuring that the data is more meaningful, more interconnected, and ultimately more beneficial for end users. The strategy weaves together every stage of the ocean observing value chain, from the intricacies of multi-platform observation design to the delivery of actionable insights via products. This cohesive approach exemplifies Europe’s commitment to leading the way in innovative, comprehensive ocean observation.

Impact During the Project

The creation of a unified European vision signifies the intent to not only observe the ocean but to do so in a manner that bridges gaps and ensures that every step in the observation process adds value.
Measures: Providing clear recommendations on fostering collaboration between the various elements within the ocean observing value chain.
Facilitating closer cooperation between observation networks and data service providers, ensuring that data services adhere to agreed best practices and standards supporting the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles.

Impact Post Project

The vision aims to have lasting ramifications on the ocean observing community, fostering integration and cooperation at an unprecedented scale.
Measures: The initiation of a UN Decade project that aims to create a cohesive ocean-observing community by 2030. This project would streamline operations among GOOS, EOOS, and other GOOS Regional Alliances, enhancing governance and facilitating data integration. Collaborative efforts with EuroGOOS to develop a roadmap that specifically addresses the challenges and opportunities in data integration and interoperability within Europe.

Advancement over and above State of the Art

Comprehensive Vision: Rather than treating each step of the ocean observing process as a separate entity, this vision encapsulates the entire value chain. This holistic approach ensures that every step, from data collection to product delivery, is integrated and optimized.

Strengthening Collaboration: The emphasis on improving collaboration and cooperation between different elements of the value chain addresses a crucial challenge in ocean observations. By fostering partnerships, this vision ensures more effective and streamlined operations.

Emphasis on FAIR Data utilizing best practices and standards: Recognizing the significance of FAIR principles, the vision promotes the creation of FAIR data services. This ensures that ocean observation data is not only collected but is also easily accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

Global Integration Efforts: By aligning with global initiatives like the UN Decade project, the vision is not limited to Europe but seeks to influence and integrate ocean observations on a global scale.

Clear Roadmaps: Collaborative efforts with organizations like EuroGOOS to create specific roadmaps demonstrate a commitment to actionable steps. These roadmaps can serve as guiding documents, ensuring that the vision translates into real-world impact.

Unified Governance: The integrated approach also includes improvements in governance structures. Unified governance ensures better coordination, effective resource allocation, and efficient decision-making.

In summary, the strategic European vision goes beyond the current state of ocean observations by promoting a comprehensive, integrated approach. By considering the entire value chain and fostering collaboration at every step, this vision sets the stage for more effective, efficient, and impactful ocean observations in Europe and potentially worldwide.”