Development of a strategic vision that promotes enhanced integration across the entire ocean observing value chain, encompassing everything from the design phase of multi-platform observations to the distribution of the data and its assimilation into numerical models, and finally, the delivery of finished products Read more New Monitoring System for Aquaculture with Innovative Buoy Design Read more Combining in-situ and satellite for estimation of carbon flux (D7.6) Read more Integration of BGC (Biogeochemical) and DEEP Argo with core missions, aiming to elevate the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) from 5 to higher levels (D3.16) Read more Oceanographic Services for Ports and Cities (OSPAC) Software Read more Development of Innovative 4D Mapping Methods Using Machine Learning Techniques Read more Network coordination and integration aimed at enhancing data flow and implementing best practices (as referenced in D3.9, D3.10) Read more Tide Gauge Innovation with Co-design Port/Harbour Operation Products Read more Co-design Port/Harbour Operation Products Read more Integration of new observational data and advancements in modeling (possibly at a regional scale or using ensemble methods) from EuroSea WP3 into products in CMEMS (Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service) and C3S (Copernicus Climate Change Service) Read more