Development of a strategic vision that promotes enhanced integration across the entire ocean observing value chain, encompassing everything from the design phase of multi-platform observations to the distribution of the data and its assimilation into numerical models, and finally, the delivery of finished products


The creation of a comprehensive and strategic vision for improved integration throughout the ocean observing value chain represents a holistic approach to ocean observation. By considering every phase from design to delivery, this initiative aims to streamline operations, reduce redundancy, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire value chain.

Impact During the Project

Unified Approach:
Traditional State: Historically, each phase of the ocean observing value chain might have operated somewhat independently, leading to potential inefficiencies or a lack of standardization.
Advancement: A strategic vision integrates all elements, ensuring consistent methodologies, technologies, and objectives throughout the value chain.

Efficiency in Data Handling and Model Assimilation:
Traditional State: Previously, the transition of data through the chain might have experienced bottlenecks or inaccuracies due to a lack of cohesive integration.
Advancement: With a unified approach, data seamlessly moves from observation to model assimilation and product delivery, ensuring timely and accurate insights.

Recommendations for Improved Collaboration:
The strategic vision provides clear guidelines and recommendations that aim to foster better collaboration between all stakeholders in the ocean observing value chain. This not only ensures that the various phases of the chain operate in harmony but also promotes knowledge sharing, innovation, and the consistent application of best practices.

Impact Post Project

Higher TRL for the Entire Value Chain:
Traditional State: Individual components of the value chain might have been at varying TRLs, indicating inconsistencies in readiness and reliability.
Advancement: By adopting a cohesive strategy, there’s a concerted effort to elevate the TRL of the entire chain, ensuring all components are reliable, tested, and ready for broader application.

UN Decade Project for Implementation:
The formulation of a UN Decade project based on the strategic vision’s recommendations signifies international recognition and the intent to adopt this holistic approach at a global scale. It provides an avenue for widespread implementation, setting new standards in ocean observation and ensuring that the entire ocean observing community aligns with the recommendations.

Advancement over and above State of the Art

The strategic vision for the entire ocean observing value chain revolutionizes the way oceanic data is collected, processed, and utilized. By emphasizing a cohesive and integrated approach, it addresses traditional inefficiencies, ensuring that data flows seamlessly from collection to end-product delivery. The resulting recommendations provide a clear roadmap for stakeholders, fostering collaboration and ensuring that the best practices are adopted universally. The intent to anchor these advancements in a UN Decade project further amplifies the significance of this initiative, positioning it as a global standard for ocean observation in the coming decade.