Integration of new observational data and advancements in modeling (possibly at a regional scale or using ensemble methods) from EuroSea WP3 into products in CMEMS (Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service) and C3S (Copernicus Climate Change Service)


The integration of new observational data and modelling techniques provides enhanced insights into marine and climate systems. By assimilating this data into CMEMS and C3S, the project ensures that these services are equipped with the most recent and advanced information to deliver accurate and comprehensive marine and climate monitoring.

Impact During the Project

Enhanced Data Accuracy and Completeness:
Traditional State: Prior to the assimilation of new data, the products of CMEMS and C3S might have been based on older datasets or models, potentially not capturing recent changes or events in the marine and climate systems.
Advancement: With the integration of new observational data from EuroSea WP3, the products in CMEMS and C3S can offer more accurate and updated insights into marine and climate dynamics.

Innovative Modelling Techniques:
Traditional State: Previous models may have focused on larger scales or lacked ensemble methods that provide a more comprehensive view of potential scenarios or outcomes.
Advancement: The integration of advanced modelling techniques, possibly at regional scales or using ensemble methods, ensures that the predictions and simulations in CMEMS and C3S are more detailed, accurate, and representative of real-world scenarios.

Impact Post Project

Elevation of TRL (Technology Readiness Level):
Traditional State: Before the integration, the products or methodologies might have been at a lower TRL, indicating they were more experimental or less tested in real-world scenarios.
Advancement: Reaching TRL 7 and 8 suggests that the products and methodologies have undergone thorough testing and have been proven in operational environments, indicating high reliability and readiness for wider application.

Expansion of Product Portfolio:
Traditional State: CMEMS and C3S might have had a limited range of products or services based on older datasets or models.
Advancement: With the assimilation of new data and modelling techniques, CMEMS and C3S can potentially introduce new products or enhance existing ones, catering to a broader audience and addressing more specific marine and climate needs.

Advancement over and above State of the Art

The seamless assimilation of new observational data and cutting-edge modelling techniques from EuroSea WP3 into CMEMS and C3S represents a significant advancement in marine and climate monitoring services. This integration ensures that these platforms are equipped with the latest and most accurate information, enabling them to deliver comprehensive and reliable insights. By elevating the TRL of their products and methodologies, these platforms demonstrate their commitment to innovation and operational excellence. Furthermore, the potential expansion of their product portfolio can cater to a wider range of stakeholders, reinforcing their position at the forefront of marine and climate services.