EuroSea work package 6 on ocean health works to demonstrate the value of ocean observing and forecasting of extreme marine events at local to regional scales. The work package is developing downstream products and services to assess marine ecosystem health and provide an early warning system to support Blue Economy industries. We met with the end-users (stakeholders and co-developers) to discuss their needs and expectations and how we can develop data products and services designed with their needs in mind (please see our previous news story).

With a clearer view of the user needs and expectations, our work package 6 is working to define products and services that we will provide, ranging from spatial maps in the North Atlantic to user-friendly exploration and visualization tools in the Western Mediterranean, fish stock assessments and evaluation of current management frameworks in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, eutrophication status assessments in the Baltic Sea, and short-term forecasts using data from the aquaculture data buoys in the North Atlantic and Western Mediterranean. The full list and short descriptions can be found here:

In the Mediterranean, the exploration and visualization tools are already freely available on the ICTS SOCIB website:

(Citation: Juza, M. and Tintoré, J. (2021). Multivariate sub-regional ocean indicators in the Mediterranean Sea: from event detection to climate change estimations, Frontiers in Marine Science, 8:610589,