New Data Originators Linked to the Project


Within the project’s framework, efforts have been made to bring onboard new data originators. These originators play a crucial role in expanding the database by contributing fresh, diverse datasets, thereby enriching the overall data repository and expanding the potential applications of the data.

Impact During the Project

Expanded Database with Diverse Data Sources:

Traditional State: Before integrating new data originators, CMEMS and EMODnet might have had a limited or static set of data contributors, which could lead to potential gaps in the data or a lack of diverse perspectives and datasets.

Advancement: By onboarding new data originators, there’s a significant enhancement in the diversity and volume of data available on CMEMS and EMODnet. The immediate metric of success is the number of new data originators now actively contributing to these platforms.

Impact Post Project

Enhanced Research and Application Potential:
Traditional State: A limited set of data originators might have meant restricted research avenues, potential biases, or missed opportunities in understanding specific phenomena or patterns.
Advancement: The addition of new data originators widens the scope for research, ensuring a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of subjects. The expanded database becomes a richer resource for researchers, policymakers, and industries.

Fostering Collaborative Data Sharing Culture:
Traditional State: A more closed or exclusive data-sharing ecosystem might have been the norm, limiting the spirit of open collaboration.
Advancement: By actively linking and integrating new data originators to the project, a culture of open data-sharing, collaboration, and collective advancement is promoted. This not only benefits the immediate stakeholders but also sets a precedent for future projects and platforms.

Advancement over and above State of the Art

Integrating new data originators to the project is a strategic move that breaks away from traditional static data repositories. While the immediate impact is quantifiable in terms of the number of contributors, the broader implications touch upon enhancing the richness of the database, expanding research potential, and fostering a collaborative ethos. This proactive approach ensures CMEMS and EMODnet remain relevant, comprehensive, and at the forefront of data-driven research and applications.

Links and References

Link to D6.7 – Real-time data to central server with display to stakeholders: Due at the end of the project