Development of a Strategic Vision of Ocean Integration Across the Whole Ocean Observing Value Chain


A comprehensive strategic vision is designed to holistically encompass every aspect of the ocean observing value chain. Central to this vision is the crucial role of data integration and data sharing, emphasizing its significance in ensuring that the entire value chain operates seamlessly and efficiently.

Impact During the Project

Revolutionized Data Management:
Traditional State: Historically, data from different ocean observing networks might have operated in silos, leading to fragmented and uncoordinated insights.
Advancement: By fostering a systematic approach to data integration and sharing, this strategic vision ensures that data from various sources are harmonized, leading to more cohesive, comprehensive, and accurate insights. The immediate deliverable is a set of actionable recommendations for the broader ocean science community.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication:
Traditional State: Before this, the ocean science community might have faced challenges in sharing and accessing data across different networks and platforms due to varying standards, protocols, or lack of a common vision.
Advancement: The strategic vision emphasizes the importance of a united approach, encouraging all stakeholders to actively collaborate and communicate. This is realized by the proposal of recommendations that streamline the process, making data sharing more intuitive and efficient.

Impact Post Project

Foundation for a Global Project:
Traditional State: The need for a unified and comprehensive approach to ocean observing might have been recognized but not actualized on a large scale.
Advancement: The strategic vision and the subsequent recommendations create a foundation for a UN Decade project, which is a significant step towards implementing the vision on a global scale. This has the potential to transform ocean science, making it more integrated and impactful.

Enriched Research and Insights:
Traditional State: The ocean science community might have had access to disparate datasets, limiting the depth and breadth of research.
Advancement: With a systematic approach to data integration and sharing, researchers can now access a wider array of datasets, leading to more holistic insights, better understanding of oceanic processes, and more informed decision-making.

Advancement over and above State of the Art

The strategic vision offers a groundbreaking approach to handling data across the ocean observing value chain. Moving away from disjointed datasets and siloed operations, this initiative promotes the essence of unity, collaboration, and efficiency. The immediate impact is the creation of actionable recommendations for improved data sharing, but the long-term vision is far more profound. By laying the groundwork for a UN Decade project, the initiative is poised to make lasting changes to the way the global ocean science community operates, ensuring more comprehensive research and better stewardship of our oceans.