Coastal Resilience and Operational Services Demonstrator

  • Leader: United Kingdom Research and Innovation; Co-leader: Puertos de L’Estado
    Partners: Fondazione Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC), Ove Arup & Partners International Limited, Nologin Consulting, S.L., Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, The Chancellor Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge

WP5 advances the collection, quality control, interpretation and use of sea level data. This will lead to new sea level and climate services. WP5 develops a consistent approach for combining sparse tide gauge data with satellite altimetry in order to deliver a spatially complete picture of sea level changes.

WP5 creates an integrated set of tools and measuring instruments as an operational service to a city and the adjacent port in order to minimize risks and improve environmental management. High-resolution operational forecast systems for wave, sea level, sea surface temperature, and circulation will be developed at all test sites.

WP5 will prototype a multi-parametric monitoring station, model the interactions between sea level hazards, economic activity and risk, by developing prototype scenario planning and visualization tools, an implement these at the pilot sites in Barcelona, Taranto and Alexandria.

TaskSub taskTitleTask leader
Task 5.0CoordinationKevin Horsburgh (till March 2021); Angela Hibbert (from April 2021)
Task 5.1Subtask 5.1.1 Low cost and maintenance free tide gaugesAngela Hibbert
Task 5.1Subtask 5.1.2Optimization of combined tide gauge data and satellite altimetryFrancisco Mir Calafat
Task 5.1Subtask 5.1.3Data-driven modelling and visualization for sea level guidanceTom Spencer
Task 5.2Subtask 5.2.1Model downscalingManuel Espino
Task 5.2Subtask 5.2.2Instrumentation deployment at test sitesAngela Hibbert
Task 5.2Subtask 5.2.3OSPAC software developmentLuís Ripolles
Task 5.2Subtask 5.2.4Demonstration of the tools at two European sitesBegoña Pérez Gómez
Task 5.2Subtask 5.2.5Demonstration of the tools at a non-European siteEnrique Alvarez Fanjul