Ocean Observing System Design

  • Leader: Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC);
    Co-leader: Ecole Normale Superieure
    Partners: Mercator Ocean International, Collecte Localisation Satellites SA (CLS), Sistema de Observacion Costero de las Illes Balears (SOCIB), Institut Mines-Télécom, OceanNext

WP2 tests the Essential Ocean Variables indicators, analyzes gaps in the existing observing systems and proposes improvements. WP2 works to deliver an integrated system design for European ocean observing and forecasting, creating synergies between the observing elements in a system thinking.

WP2 applies the systems design processes of the Global Framework for Ocean Observing in support of connected and integrated European ocean observing. It builds on the Horizon 2020 AtlantOS achievements and takes its legacy further within the Galway and Belém agreements’ objectives.

WP2 also improves the design of multi-platform observations for validation of high-resolution satellite observations optimizing the utility of these observing platforms.

TaskSub taskTitleTask leader
Task 2.0CoordinationAnanda Pascual
Task 2.1 Developing Indicators for observing system networks/DemonstratorsSabrina Speich
Task 2.2Observing System Design Experiments with global ocean monitoring systemsElisabeth Remy
Task 2.3Observing System Simulation Experiments: impact of multi-platform observations for the validation of satellite observationsAnanda Pascual