Governance and Coordination of ocean observing and forecasting systems

  • Leader: UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC); Co-leader: European Global Ocean Observin System (EuroGOOS)
    Partners: European Marine Board (EMB), UK Met Office, Instytut Oceanologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk (IO-PAN), Sistema de Observacion Costero de las Illes Balears (SOCIB), GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel, IEEE France Section

WP1 strengthens interactions between regional, national and international observing systems, through the European Ocean Observing System Framework.

WP1 delivers foresight on ocean observing, including drivers, capabilities and latest scientific knowledge and technological feasibility. This helps EuroSea to analyze how the governance of the observing systems can best respond to the relevant legal frameworks (e.g. UNCLOS, UNFCCC, CBD) and mechanisms (e.g. National Adaptation Plan process) focusing on sustained ocean observing and fit-for-purpose ocean information products and services.

International coordination for biological and ecosystem ocean observations is supported in WP1 to respond to the critical need for improved information delivery on biological, ecological and biogeochemical Essential Ocean Variables.

WP1 improves Global Ocean Observing System’s BioEco networks in the European seas, including data flow and best practices and sets requirements for ocean observing around existing and emerging Essential Ocean Variables for biology and ecosystems, including human impacts and marine plastic litter.

WP1 improves discovery and access to ocean best practices and facilitates knowledge transfer in data assimilation and marine ecosystem analysis linking with OceanPredict.

TaskSub taskTitleTask leader
Task 1.0CoordinationInga Lips
Task 1.1 Observing and forecasting system coordination, national, regional, globalInga Lips
Task 1.1Subtask 1.1.1EOOS GOOS ImplementationInga Lips
Task 1.1Subtask 1.1.2Strengthen and extend BioEco monitoring networks throughout the European SeasEmma Heslop
Task 1.1Subtask 1.1.3Developing capacity and coordination for a sustained ocean observations of marine plastic contaminantsArtur Palacz
Task 1.1Subtask 1.1.4Ocean Best PracticesJay Pearlman
Task 1.1Subtask 1.1.5Strengthening links to the leading edge of global forecast and predictionKirsten Wilmer-Becker
Task 1.2Observing system status monitoringEmma Heslop
Task 1.3ForesightInga Lips
Task 1.3Subtask 1.3.1Identifying existing initiatives in foresight in ocean observation, emerging strategies and roadmapsSheila Heymanns
Task 1.3Subtask 1.3.2Foresight workshop 1: Ocean technology, platforms and Artificial IntelligenceInga Lips
Task 1.3Subtask 1.3.3Foresight workshop 2: Sustainability of the Ocean Observation systemSheila Heymanns
Task 1.4Legal aspects of ocean governance and impact on the observing systemToste Tanhua