We are organizing an internal EuroSea training on stakeholder engagement for our 55-partner consortium. All work packages will come together to learn methods and tools for successful stakeholder engagement, exchange ideas and experiences from the ongoing work, and jointly develop strategies for dealing with the various interest groups. Our large consortium brings together a wealth of expertise and prior stakeholder interactions – we will now learn how to capitalize on this for the shared EuroSea objectives.

In the online training series starting in September 2020, the consortium will enhance its collective capacity in 4 webinars supplemented by assignments tailored to the products, services, and information generated in EuroSea. Stakeholders will be identified, analysed, and prioritised based on their levels of interest and influence. The participants will learn different engagement techniques and approaches for different stakeholder groups. This work within and across the work packages will build on our existing thinking and actions in terms of stakeholder engagement. Under the umbrella of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), we will develop strategies to take them to a new level.

A key element for the success of EuroSea is the communication and outreach to stakeholders from industry, policy, academia, and the general public – as identified in our communication plan. These activities will determine the extent to which EuroSea can contribute to the further development and integration of the European and global ocean observing for the benefit of society.