The EuroSea Gender and Diversity Board has launched a survey to oceanographic activities in Europe. This short survey (~ 10 minutes to answer) includes questions on demographics, background and careers in ocean science organizations, as well as any perceived barriers due to gender or diversity. The results will be used by our project to promote inclusiveness and diversity in science.

The ocean belongs to everyone and it is diverse and changing. This should be reflected in the scientific community tackling the ocean’s issues and trying to find solutions. Consequently, diversity and inclusion should be important in oceanography. Unfortunately, there is not much visible diversity in this community.

The survey is addressing ‘gender’ as independent of the biological sex, and ‘diversity’ as including non-white, non-heterosexual, other under-represented minorities, other cultures, etc. The survey responses will be treated in full anonymity.

Respond to the survey here! – by 15 November 2022