An open access application “Sub-regional Mediterranean marine heat waves” has been developed in the EuroSea Work Package 6 Demonstrator on Ocean Health.

This tool, implemented by EuroSea partner SOCIB (Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System), allows to monitor and visualise information on marine heat waves in the different sub-regions of the Mediterranean Sea. This is possible from a real-time detection of the event, to a projection of long-term variations in response to global warming. The application has been designed in consultation with environmental agencies and policy decision-makers, as well as educators.

This tool is described in the paper “Sub-regional marine heat waves in the Mediterranean Sea from observations: long-term surface changes, sub-surface and coastal responses” (Juza et al, 2022), published in Frontiers in Marine Science. In this paper, the researchers of SOCIB have proposed a comprehensive analysis of marine heat waves in the Mediterranean Sea at sub-regional scale from surface to subsurface and from open ocean to coastal near-shore waters, using remote sensing and multi-platform in situ observations.