Organized as part of EuroSea, this joint workshop will take place online on 27 September – 1 October.

For the BGC Argo workshop, the objectives are to:

  • Review progress in implementing best practices in the area of floats preparation, float deployment and data management (session 1);
  • Exchange with the user community (e.g. biogeochemical modelers, ocean color) on their needs (session 4);
  • Foster interaction with other components of the ocean observing system, including deep Argo (session 3 described below).

The objectives of the Deep Argo workshop are to:

  • Assess progress of the Deep-Argo mission (from scientific use of Deep Argo data to technological ability of floats and sensors);
  • Review end-user needs;
  • Finalize the implementation plan of the global Deep Argo array of 1,250 floats.

The implementation of oxygen sensors on Deep-Argo floats will be addressed during the joint BGC-Deep Argo session (session 3). This session will be also dedicated to interactions between Argo (Deep and BGC) and other networks and observing programs (DOOS, GO-SHIP, OceanSITES, Gliders).

Registration and further details are available here.