External Milestones

Milestone numberMilstone titleWP numberLead beneficiaryDue Date (project months)Means of verification
MS1Design of the OSSEs with global ocean monitoring systemsWP2, WP44 – MOI6Design developed and reported
MS2Design of operational implementation of forecasting system in the Mediterranean SeaWP45 – UNIBO6Design developed and reported
MS3Specification of user- needs and expectations DocumentedWP6, WP87 – CSIC9Documented on the website
MS4Public awareness videoWP815 – SOCIB10Video online
MS5Mapping plan for marine plastic contaminantsWP117 – IO PAN12Agreed plan is written
MS6Definition of EOVs in connection with demonstrators and ForecastsWP2, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP78 – ENS12Agreement on the definition achieved
MS7Pilot global indices of SST/SLA/OHC calculatedWP4, WP716 – ECMWF12Data exchanged with WP7
MS8Agreed products and planned services DocumentedWP67 – CSIC18Documented on the website
MS9Deployment of BGC- Argo and PIRATA CO2 sensor in trop. AtlanticWP719 – EURO-ARGO ERIC18Notification instruments deployed
MS10Requirements of EOVs and platforms for sustaining indicators for WP4-7WP2, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP78 – ENS24Agreement on the requirements for indicators
MS11User driven indicators defined and selected EOV/ECV from ensemble of seasonal forecasts verifiedWP2, WP4, WP716 – ECMWF24Data exchanged and selected graphics shared with project partners
MS12Work plan on the use of in-situ for satellite validationWP49 – CLS24Work plan established and written
MS13Development of Temperature and Salinity QC proceduresWP41 – GEOMAR24Procedures developed and documented
MS14Prototype low- maintenance multi- parametric monitoring at 2 sitesWP513 – UKRI24Prototype established and procedure documented
MS15Linux based PC system with operational system ready to be implemented in non- European siteWP544 – UPC24PC system established and running at demo sites
MS16System for NRT data collection from cooperation of HELCOM and BOOS is developedWP646 – TalTech24Documented in BOOS & HELCOM annual meeting reports – available online
MS17Deployment of instrumentation and cruises in MedSea & SPNAWP3, WP71 – GEOMAR24Notification instruments deployed
MS18Accomplished ASV mission in TAOS environmentWP71 – GEOMAR24Notification of accomplished mission, short technical summary
MS19First version of the software, to be evaluated by users WP543 – Nologin26Documentation of user feedback
MS20Itinerant exhibition WP815 – SOCIB30Exhibition installed
MS21Validation of forecasting with glider data in the Mediterranean Sea WP415 – SOCIB32Validation conducted and reported
MS22Prototype available for validation WP650 – Aanderaa XYLEM33Demonstrator, pilot, prototype, plan designs
MS23Policy-led and industry-lead stakeholder demonstration of prototypes WP532 – ARUP36Demonstration of prototypes
MS24Installation of documentation, including calibration sheets WP513 – UKRI36Documentation of installation
MS25“Extreme Marine Events” Hazard maps & forecasts – Website WP6, WP86 – MI36Hazard maps & forecasts available online
MS26Report on marine plastic contaminant monitoring WP117 – IO PAN39Report is written
MS27Implementation of results into the CMEMS Ocean State Report WP74 – MOI40Results implemented in CMEMS
MS28Report card from capacity building trainings WP82 – EUROGOOS40Report card
MS29End-user satisfaction ratings Reported WP6, WP86 – MI45Report with end-user satisfaction ratings
MS30Ocean integration demo WP37 – CSIC46Report
MS31Training webinars WP81 – GEOMAR47Several training webinars conducted
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