The Innovation and Stakeholder Committee monitors the project’s innovation and exploitation activities to ensure that the potential of the EuroSea activities is maximized and that the EuroSea development partners are focused on the market exploitation of their results. The Innovation and Stakeholder Committee responds to the current technological and market trends, risks and opportunities. It is comprised of one representative per EuroSea demonstration work package, external stakeholders, EuroSea Exploitation Manager, and representatives of the SMEs and companies within EuroSea.

The EuroSea Innovation and Stakeholder Committee includes:

  • Kieran Reilly, EuroSea Exploitation Manager / WP8
  • Inger Graves, Xylem-Aanderaa / WP6
  • Karina von Schuckmann, Mercator Ocean International / WP7
  • Catherine McManus, MOWI
  • Thorsten Kiefer, JPI Oceans
  • Francisco Armando Arias Isaza, POGO
  • Karianne Kojen Andersen, GCE Ocean technologies
  • Christine Valentin, World Ocean Council
  • Bjarte Fageraas, Octio Environmental