Trainings for the EuroSea consortium on Stakeholder Engagement, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), and Effective Communication/Presentation


The trainings represent a concerted effort to standardize knowledge and practices among the EuroSea consortium members on critical non-technical aspects that influence the overall impact and success of research and development projects.

Impact During the Project

Comprehensive Skill Development:
Traditional State: Earlier, consortiums or research groups would mainly focus on technical expertise, occasionally sidelining other crucial skills like stakeholder engagement or effective communication.
Advancement: With these trainings, the EuroSea consortium members will be equipped with both technical and non-technical skills, making them more holistic in their approach and enhancing the effectiveness and impact of their work.

Intellectual Property Understanding:
Traditional State: In many consortiums, IPR knowledge might have been left to legal teams or not prioritized, leading to potential oversights in protecting innovations or sharing benefits.
Advancement: Training on IPR ensures that all members have a baseline understanding of intellectual property, which can foster innovation while ensuring legal protection and fair benefit-sharing.

Impact Post Project

Strengthened Interdisciplinary Collaborations:
Traditional State: Projects were sometimes executed in silos, with individual teams focusing only on their specific tasks.
Advancement: With improved stakeholder engagement and communication skills, there is a higher likelihood of interdisciplinary collaborations, leading to richer insights and more comprehensive solutions.

Improved Project Proposals:
Traditional State: Earlier project proposals might have been technically robust but lacked clear communication or stakeholder engagement plans, potentially affecting their approval chances or real-world effectiveness.
Advancement: Armed with knowledge from these trainings, EuroSea partners can craft proposals that are technically sound and also demonstrate clear plans for stakeholder engagement, effective communication, and proper handling of intellectual property. This holistic approach can increase the success rate of future project proposals and their subsequent real-world impact.

Advancement over and above State of the Art

Embarking on this training initiative is emblematic of EuroSea’s commitment to pioneering a more holistic approach in consortium-led research and innovation. By ensuring its members are well-versed in stakeholder engagement, IPR, and effective communication, alongside their technical expertise, EuroSea is redefining the gold standard for consortium operations. This multifaceted proficiency ensures that every innovation is not just groundbreaking but is also well-communicated, widely accepted, ethically shared, and legally protected. The eventual litmus test of this avant-garde approach will be seen in the consortium’s heightened interdisciplinary collaborations, successful project proposals, and far-reaching impactful innovations.

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