Low Maintenance Multiparameter Novel Tide Gauges


The deployment of these innovative tide gauges in cities like Barcelona, Taranto, and Alexandria represents a leap in tide observation technology. Designed for low maintenance, these tide gauges are not just instruments for measuring sea levels but are sophisticated devices capable of capturing various parameters related to tides.

Impact During the Project

Enhanced Operational Coverage and Quality:
Traditional State: Prior tide gauges may have been limited in their operational scope and required frequent maintenance, potentially leading to gaps in data collection.
Advancement: These novel tide gauges significantly boost the operational coverage and quality of sea level data in the Mediterranean. Their low-maintenance design ensures consistent data streams, which are further integrated into platforms like the OSPAC portal and the IOC’s Sea Level Monitoring Facility portal.

Capacity Development & Local Training:
Traditional State: Previously, local operators might not have had access to specialized training on maintaining tide gauge equipment.
Advancement: With this initiative, there’s a deliberate focus on delivering capacity development training. This not only ensures the longevity of the equipment but also empowers local operators with the skills needed to maintain and operate these advanced instruments.

Impact Post Project

Broadened Data Accessibility:
Traditional State: Data from tide gauges might have been confined to localized repositories or platforms.
Advancement: The new tide gauges contribute quality-controlled datasets to global platforms like GLOSS data portals (PSMSL, UHSLC, SONEL, BODC), ensuring that the data is accessible to a wider scientific community.

Template for Future Installations:
Traditional State: In the absence of comprehensive installation reports, subsequent tide gauge installations might have lacked a standardized reference.
Advancement: The detailed installation reports and potential scientific papers stemming from this initiative will serve as templates for the sea level community, guiding follow-on installations and ensuring best practices are adopted.

Expansion of Tide Gauge Network:
Traditional State: Limited training resources might have impeded the expansion of tide gauge networks in the past.
Advancement: The capacity development training, apart from maintaining current tide gauges, will also facilitate the installation of new ones, leading to a more extensive and well-maintained tide gauge network.

Advancement over and above State of the Art

The introduction of low-maintenance multiparameter tide gauges signifies a marked evolution in sea level observation technology. Their deployment not only enhances immediate operational capabilities but also paves the way for future advancements in the realm of sea level observations. By merging cutting-edge technology with comprehensive training, this initiative ensures that sea level data is not only accurately captured but is also sustainably maintained and widely disseminated. This represents a holistic advancement over traditional tide observation methods and infrastructure.