Enhanced Coordination and Collaboration Among Ocean Observation Networks and Disciplines


The initiative emphasizes the necessity of fostering tighter coordination and collaboration between various networks and disciplines involved in ocean observation. This encompasses both the in-situ community, which focuses on direct measurements, and the remote communities that rely on indirect methods like satellite imaging. The ultimate aim is to ensure a more seamless and integrated ocean observing system.

Impact During the Project

Holistic Ocean Observation:
Traditional State: Traditionally, in-situ and remote observation communities might have functioned in relative isolation, leading to possible data overlaps, gaps, or discrepancies.
Advancement: The initiative champions the cause of intertwining these communities, ensuring that data collected is complementary, coherent, and comprehensive.

Clear Recommendations for Enhanced Collaboration:
Traditional State: While there have always been overarching goals of collaboration, specific, actionable recommendations to enhance inter-network and inter-disciplinary cooperation have been sporadic or ad hoc.
Advancement: The output delivers clear-cut and pragmatic recommendations that delineate how various networks and disciplines can work together more effectively.

Impact Post Project

Foundation for a UN Decade Project:
Traditional State: Recommendations and guidelines, no matter how well-intentioned, often struggle with implementation without a broader framework or mandate.
Advancement: By laying the groundwork for a UN Decade project, the initiative ensures that the collaboration recommendations have a concrete, structured pathway to global realization. The association with a respected international body like the UN amplifies the significance, visibility, and viability of the initiative.

Reinvigorated Global Ocean Observation Ecosystem:
Traditional State: Disjointed or isolated efforts in ocean observation can lead to inefficiencies, data gaps, and, at times, redundant efforts.
Advancement: As different networks and disciplines start collaborating more closely, informed by the recommendations, the global ocean observation ecosystem is poised to become more robust, efficient, and insightful.

Advancement over and above State of the Art

The crux of this initiative lies in its emphasis on breaking down traditional silos and fostering a sense of unity and collaboration in the ocean observation domain. It recognizes the unique strengths of both in-situ and remote observation methodologies and envisions a future where these methods are seamlessly integrated.

The clear, actionable recommendations provided are a testament to its practical approach. However, the initiative’s brilliance truly shines in its foresight to align these recommendations with a UN Decade project, ensuring they aren’t just theoretical but have a clear path to global adoption.

The resulting advancement paves the way for a rejuvenated ocean observation system that is holistic, cohesive, and primed to provide unparalleled insights into our oceans.