Data integration and increased data delivery through aggregators – EMODnet, CMEMS, and SeaDataNet, encompassing a wide array of data flows from tide gauges to augmented observatory data Read more Recommendations on observing gaps and design of observing systems to adequately monitor societal relevant indicators Read more Fostering a Unified Collaboration Among Diverse Scientific Communities for a Cohesive Ocean Observing System Read more Proposal for global coordination of an Integrated Marine Debris Observing System (IMDOS) developed Read more Recommendations on design of observing system for carbon measurement, based on increased knowledge of regional variability (D7.3) Read more Enhanced Monitoring Systems via Argo Array and Tropical Moorings Enhancements Read more Added-Value of EuroSea’s In-Situ Observations for Global Monitoring Systems Read more Recommendations on the design of in situ observing system for evaluation of sea surface height and ocean currents with a focus on fine scales and in the context of SWOT altimetry mission validation Read more Assessment of biological networks to support Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Read more Motivating the creation and use of best practices for ocean observing Read more