The ten EU-funded projects that join forces to build user-focused, interdisciplinary, responsive and sustained ocean information systems and increase the sustainability of the Blue Economy

EuroSea leads a group of 10 EU projects which are addressing various aspects of building user-focused, interdisciplinary, responsive, and sustained ocean information systems and increase the sustainability of the Blue Economy. These 10 blue projects have gotten together with the help of Horizon Europe Results Booster, to jointly contribute to European efforts in marine research excellence, policy and partnership building with industry and the public sector. This will help them to have a stronger role at many different levels in the landscape of shared stakeholders.

Many of the challenges faced by these projects cannot be solved individually but require multidisciplinary and international cooperation. While all projects have strong international consortia made up of partners from industry, business and science, the aim of this project cluster is to bundle this expertise in particularly important areas and to act with joint strength. To do this, the project coordination offices work together and are supported by their individual communication teams.

In these activities, the project group is supported by the Horizon Results Booster Service ‘Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy’ Module A and B, for which EuroSea successfully applied in February 2020. Among other things, the group has produced a policy brief on ‘Nourishing Blue Economy and Sharing Ocean Knowledge’ and worked on a joint presentation to convey key messages of the group clearly and to a broad audience.

For more information on the project cluster and links to the individual projects, please see this flyer or watch this short video.