Inger Graves



Description of the output:

Solution to measure and forecast oxygen, heat and pH related extreme marine events onsite for aquaculture. This system is an application for marine sensors to measure and forecast extreme marine events at aquaculture sites in the NE Atlantic (Ireland) and W Mediterranean (Spain) through a setup including optimal sensor, location and measurement cycles for ocean observing. The innovative solution is an increased operational ability connecting in-situ sensors (for oxygen, temperature, turbidity, currents, waves, salinity, pH, ORP and algae) via telemetry to land where data is processed in a user-friendly interface to give an environmental alert. The solution allows for real time management and will help to optimise aquaculture operations.

Impact of the Output Described Above:

The services will help to optimise aquaculture operations for new customers and could potentially reduce financial losses from stock damage caused by Extreme Marine Events. For Xylem-Aanderaa, the additional products and services developed as part of the Eurosea project will make them more competitive as a supplier of ocean and coastal observations systems.

Metric to Measure the Impact:

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