Discover how we are planning to underpin our strategic objectives through targeted communication.

Discover EuroSea in 12 visual slides - our mission, objectives, and key responsibilities of the work packages. We are a large-scale pan-European effort to enhance ocean observing and forecasting for durable benefits of all users of the ocean knowledge and information. 2.8 MiB
EuroSea is a European Union project working to improve coordination in ocean observing and forecasting to answer the evolving demands for ocean knowledge and information, underpinning sustainable blue economy and maritime services. 135.2 KiB
Our poster launched at the kick-off meeting - Improving and integrating the European Ocean Observing and Forecasting System 4.4 MiB
EuroSea business card for dissemination during stakeholder networking - Towards a user-focused, interdisciplinary, and responsive European ocean observing and forecasting system 7.8 MiB