Strengthening oceanographic science – policy interface


EuroSea has taken actions at the interface between science and policy, ensuring the EuroSea results are useful for policy and decision-makers both at the EU, regional, and national levels. The lessons learnt were presented in Deliverable 8.3. Understanding of the science-policy interface mechanisms, what works and what does not, and how to ensure a transfer of project results into sustained legacy which is used, replicated, and improved – is key to developing a sustained European ocean observing and forecasting system. 

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Tracking Information
  • Number of downloads of D8.3 from the website
  • Interviews/surveys on ‘user satisfaction’ ( how useful is this deliverable?)
  • Science-policy interface pathways used by the consortium and coordinator 
  • This output used in the EuroSea recommendations to policymakers on how to better integrate the scientific knowledge in policy making
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