Mike Dobson



Description of the output:

Prototype sea level planning tool: The basic premise of the prototype is to visualise the economic damage resulting from a large set of sea level rise flood risk scenarios, accounting for the flood mechanisms at the coastal boundary. This prototype provides a full picture of the scientific predictions and associated uncertainty within the economic decision making framework. The prototype aims to develop a new streamlined approach to modelling the interactions between sea level hazards, economic activity and risk, bringing more science through the risk assessment process, resulting in better informed decision making and investment planning.

Impact of the Output Described Above:

The rollout of the visualisation prototype tool to other locations in the UK will help to assess the economic impact of sea level rise and provide a useful tool for better decision making in planning and regional development. Insert quote from end user here – check with D8.6…

Metric to Measure the Impact:

Insert quote from end user here – check with D8.6…

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