Improved availability and interoperability of in situ data.


EuroSea has increased the integration of marine data and its delivery to the European data aggregators, EMODnet, CMEMS and SeaDataNet. This included the agreement on mandatory metadata and common vocabularies. EuroSea has enhanced the observing networks of the European Global Ocean Observing System (EuroGOOS).

The following networks have significantly advanced in their pan-European integration:

  • Tide gauge data flow
  • Glider data flow
  • GO-SHIP data
  • Eulerian observatories
  • HF radar data
  • ASV data
  • Augmented observatory data
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Tracking Information
  • uptake of standards in the EuroGOOS Task Teams and international repositories – no. of references to the EuroSea recommendations;
  • no. of contributions to the Ocean Best Practice System (OBPS); 
  • no. of data downloads from the inventories.
  • no. of EuroSea datasets provided to CMEMS and EMODnet
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Vicente Fernandez