Enhancing the ocean observing capacity


EuroSea has advanced several critical ocean observing technologies in their technology readiness levels (TRL). This means, technologies like Argo floats, gliders and others (see the list below) have been enhanced in terms of their operation and the delivery of essential data. 

At the start of EuroSea most technologies were at TRL 5 –  a validated technology. At the end of EuroSea, they will have reached  TRL 7 –  prototype demonstrated in real life environments,  or TRL 8 – complete and qualified technology.  After the EuroSea, these technologies will need to reach the final TRL 9 – a competitive manufacturing of the technology. 

Technology Readiness Levels at the end of EuroSea:

  • Argo TRL 7
  • Gliders TRL 7
  • Go-SHIP TRL 7
  • Eulerian observatories TRL 7
  • Tide gauges TRL 8
  • HFR TRL 7
  • ASVs TRL 6
  • Augmented observatories TRL 5
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Tracking Information
  • no. of new networks identified/established in Europe 
  • EOOS Operations Committee/European Commision uses output to identify gaps in marine monitoring
  • Identifying monitoring programmes for Europe 
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