Enhancement of coordination of global observing systems with national and regional entities


EuroSea has impacted the European and global coordination of ocean observing in two main ways:

  • It helped establish a committee of operators of Europe’s ocean observing activities within the EOOS Framework (EOOS Operations Committee), and
  • It significantly enhanced the existing network of the national focal points for observations of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS National Focal Points). 

Thanks to EuroSea, the EOOS Operations Committee has engaged X (number) organisations from X (number) European countries (details here). The GOOS National Focal Points are part of the committee. This activity has developed a study on European funding and capabilities of ocean observations which directly influenced the elaboration of the European Commission’s initiative ‘Ocean Observations – Sharing Responsibility’.

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Tracking Information
  • no. GOOS NFP engaged in the OC /total; no. of OC meetings; no. of joint studies/reports
  • identification of trans-national work e.g. work plan / strategy
  • direct feedback from DG MARE on the usability of the EOOS OC survey report
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